Rear Rack Mount

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Rear Rack Mount
Rear Rack Mount Rear Rack Mount

Bracket for securely mounting Boomerang CycloTracs to your rear rack.

Easily to securely install.

Does not include rear rack.

Customer Reviews

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Joe Gardner
Could be better

I had trouble using this mount. It was not secure. I did not use it because I thought it would come loose and conflict with moving components on the bike.

Bryan Kaveney
Haven’t fitted yet

Rear rack mount not fitted as still awaiting update on how to sort out the problem with having two Boomerangs on one account and the discrimination between arming just one of them as it often arms the wrong one!!

Bruce Beal

Mount works but could be a little better formed to fit better and come with instructions.

Patrick Van Achte
No more stars

I still have not received my order and can therefore not give more stars.


Raven Gray
Doesn’t seem well designed

I like my bomerang but it hasn’t been that useful for multiple reasons. I was hopeful i could at least attach it to my bike properly. It wasn’t clear how to install it and even after a video call i got it attached but it doesn’t look right or feel secure. It has shapes on it not being used and isn’t shaped to its purpose. It feels and looks like a repurposed item rather than a piece designed for the purpose. I wait for the locking one i also ordered.