Rear Rack Mount

$12.50 $20.00

Rear Rack Mount
Rear Rack Mount Rear Rack Mount Rear Rack Mount Rear Rack Mount

Bracket for securely mounting Boomerang CycloTracs to your rear rack.

Easily to securely install.

Does not include rear rack.

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It’s a con

I brought a Boomerang tracker for my bike in the Uk and after being charged import duty for the unit in to the Uk. I then opened the package and started to read the basic instructions, it wasn’t clear what the name was for the boomerang app, I tried every name possible to try and find the app on the App Store. After many attempts nothing could be found I tried to contact the seller and after two emails I got a very basic answer that there was an IT issue and the app wasn’t available on the App Store. I contacted the supplier again and it was obvious he wasn’t interested and repeated the app wasn’t available and hopefully would be available soon, one week on and still nothing an no apology from the supplier. I’m sorry to say this product is a big con please don’t waste your money.


Unusable mount for an unworkable product. I was told I would receive my refund on Monday, November 4th. Today is Wednesday and I have not received it.

Great product no service

I recd the rank mount and two gps units only to find the owner's stopped the service.

Never received it

Never received it.

Gorilla plastic attachment

Doesn't seem to be a functional way to attach the Boomerang to the bike using the Gorilla attachment. It was supposed to be a way to attach to the rear rack but the only obvious way to attach it to rounded bars would be to drill a hole through the metal so that the Boomerang screws could go through. Not practical. Finally screwed the Boomerang to the Gorilla plastic and then strapped the whole thing around the frame using cable ties. Not very secure.