Clamp Mount with Combination Lock


Clamp Mount with Combination Lock

Secure Quick Mount

Compatible with all Boomerang CycloTracs (sold separately).

The Cyclotrac Clamp Mount is designed for a secure, temporary mount while the bike is on a car rack, parked or in storage.  It allows the bike owner to have a secure bike when stopping for coffee or running into the grocery store.

Your Boomerang CycloTrac mounts to the clamp with included tamper proof screws. Add and remove the clamp to your bike with the combination lock built into the clamp.

In the Box

  • 1x Clamp mount
  • 2x Tamper proof screws to attach your Boomerang to the mount
  • 1x Screwdriver bit for tamper proof screw


How to Use

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Devon Kocevski

Took months to get. They were out of the combination lock for a long time. The mounting system is not friendly. I don't know why the screws are longer than the mounting bracket unless it's for the water bottle mount area but that's not what I ordered. I want to put it on a bar but the screws are so long they would be the only thing touching the bike...therefore scratching and sliding all over the place. My friends much cheaper little device is much more sensitive to the vehicle being touched and will alarm right away. Of course that doesn't have GPS track like this does which is the main reason I bought it. I love the trip record feature! I want to give 5 stars but the mounting is killing it for me.

Steve Rearden
Lamp lock

The installation was simple after watching the short video.

Caleb Taylor
Too clunky and awkward to use

Wish it were a little less bulky. Makes the bike look cobby. Would probably deter a thief by 5 seconds at most. Great idea, but needs design improvement.

Patrick Osio
Peace of mind

I purchased this for my son who has an Ebike. This, in conjunction with his lock, gives me peace of mind where there was apprehension before. He has had a scooter stolen from our front lawn in a matter of minutes and is wary of going anywhere that requires leaving his bike alone. With The Boomerang, he feels comfortable being able to ride anywhere in our town without his bike disappearing. I also appreciate the gps tracking and app.
There are no guarantees but this is a deterrent and instantly notifies if there is any disturbance to whatever we lock the boomerang up to, giving usore than enough time before anyone had a chance to break or pick our lock. can also be attached to other things like backpacks, campsite equipment, motorcycles, etc..