V2 Upgrade Program

Boomerang customers who purchased a CycloTrac V1 unit automatically qualify for our V2 upgrade program, starting in late Q2 of 2019.

V1 customers get a $30 credit towards the purchase of a V2 unit later in 2019.

Our V1 units use CDMA cellular technology which is being replaced by GSM in many countries in 2020. Our V2 units use GSM.

In the USA, Verizon is retiring their CDMA network in June of 2020.

In Europe, there has been no timeline announced for retiring the CDMA network. Your V1 unit will continue to function for the foreseeable future.

V1 customers will be automatically be emailed instructions for taking advance of the upgrade program later this year.

For a limited time, you can order a V1 unit for only $29, essentially making it free when you later take advantage of the V2 upgrade credit.