Clamp Mount

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Clamp Mount
Clamp Mount Clamp Mount Clamp Mount Clamp Mount

Secure Quick Mount

Backordered: ships in late March 2021.  

Compatible with all Boomerang CycloTracs (sold separately).

The Cyclotrac Clamp Mount is designed for a secure, temporary mount while the bike is on a car rack, parked or in storage.  It allows the bike owner to have a secure bike when stopping for coffee or running into the grocery store.

Your Boomerang CycloTrac mounts to the clamp with included tamper proof screws. Add and remove the clamp to your bike with the secure lock built into the clamp.

In the Box

  • 1x Clamp mount
  • 2x Tamper proof screws to attach your Boomerang to the mount
  • 1x Screwdriver bit for tamper proof screw
  • 2x Keys


Customer Reviews

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Good Device but has flaws

I bought the clamp, so the device could be more transferable and used for either mine or my wife's bike. It's security is straight forward enough in that the combination lock secures the Boomerang CycloTrac V2 to any suitable point on the bike. However, I found it very fiddly to use and despite my best attempts, I couldn't get it to clamp tight enough for my satisfaction. To me, this makes it vulnerable to spurious alarms and I don't see myself using it much. Incidentally, to my disappointment, it wasn't the same clamp pictured on my order. I can only assume the clamp model has been changed, but I'm not sure I would have ordered it if I'd known.

Great product

I have not received it? Paid for it but has been on backorder. Will i ever get it


Clamp Mount


This is not what is advertised in your webstore, this is very easy to remove from bike, the alarm goes off when tampered but at that point its useless because the main purpose is to be able to track the stolen bike.

Clamp Mount Review

I did not receive the keyed "clamp mount" that is/was pictured on the Boomerang website. Instead, I received a metal-cord, number combination lock. If possible, I would gladly swap what you sent me for a keyed "clamp" lock like what I requested.