2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA

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2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA
2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA

Anti-theft & GPS Tracking

Boomerang CycloTrac V1 2019 –  USA Version 
(Uses Verizon's cellular network.)

Additional data plan required.  Only $3.90 USD/month purchased in app. Cancel at any time. Device setup, tracking, and remote control works over cellular data.

Free 1 year warranty
100% satisfaction guarantee
30 days no hassle return policy
Ships within 48 hours
✅Includes two $30 upgrade credits for V2

Battle tested and approved by USA police departments as a theft deterrent and recovery device. Deters over 98% of thefts according to police studies. 


Dimensions: 1.25"x10" (3.2cm x 25cm)
Weight: ~5oz (~140g)
Cellular Network (USA Version): Verizon

Battery Life:
2+ months when parked
8+ hours (100 miles) when continuously tracking
2-4 hours charge time

    In the Box

    • 2x Boomerang CycloTrac V1 – USA Version
    • 2x 6ft USB charging cable
    • 4x Tamper proof mounting screws
    • 2x Screwdriver bit for tamper proof screws
    • Easy mounting instructions
    • Instructions for setting up iPhone or Android app
    • Web portal access for ride & tracking without app
    • Peace of mind 👍


    Boomerang CycloTrac V1 comes with everything you need to mount it to your bike frame underneath the bottle cage.

    If you have a bottle cage or bottle cage bosses (attachments points), simply measure your frame to ensure you have 10" of space to install your Boomerang.

    If you do not have enough room or wish to mount Boomerang in a different location, order an optional mounting accessory:

    Clamp Mount
    Rear Rack Mount


    ✅ Automatic ride & theft tracking via advanced GPS & cellular
    ✅ Loud alarm & visual
     deterrent, recommended by police
    ✅ Text & app alerts when your bike is in danger 
    ✅ Tamper proof mounting screws included
    ✅ Durable, smash proof construction
    ✅ Long battery life of 2+ months
    ✅ Industry leading antennae strength, stays connected
    ✅ Waterproof
    ✅ Panic button & crash detection**
    ✅ And more!

    **Emergency contact features like Panic Button and Crash Detection will be enabled in Q2 of 2019 with a free firmware and app update. 

    Reviews & Testimonials

    Bike mechanic tries to smash Boomerang with a hammer. The durable construction easily withstands the blows. And more importantly, Boomerang immediately alerted the bike owner via text message.


    Bike mechanic reviews Boomerang. "There's no way to remove the lock without triggering the alarm."

  did an in-depth (23 min) review of Boomerang V1. Read the full review here.


    Rocky had his bike stolen from his garage and recovered it within hours thanks to Boomerang.


    Police sergeant reviews Boomerang. Both the San Jose and San Diego police departments tested Boomerang in bike theft stings. Read about the police stings here.


    Read more customer reviews here.

    Quick Links


    App available in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.


    "The Boomerang bike unit is awesome. The unit stays charged at least for days. I am tech challenged, but had no issue installing and using app which has stupidly and mercifully simple interface." – Darren S. on Google Play


    Limited V1 inventory.
     while supplies last.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Soo Cycles

    Well I’m sending the 6 Boomerang’s back. I’ve had it. The service has bee off line since yesterday. My bike alarms are set. I can’t rent them if the alarms going off. I’ve called I’ve text I’ve done all I’m going to do. This could be a cool product if it had a company backing it. I’ll get them off & sent back as soon as possible. Plan on giving me a full refund.


    2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA

    Not charging correctly

    Chargers not working. The ones that came with what I ordered didn’t work at all so I used my own, but they don’t seem to hold a charge. I emailed about getting a replacement and despite getting a prompt response I never received anything.

    Having log on problems. It is not allowing me to log in. Could someone help me.
    Great product

    But you guys can't count / multiply! I ordered 4 x 2x Pack: Boomerang CycloTrac V1 USA from our store Boomerang. The first shipment contained 2 2x pack... the second contained 1 2x .. now i have 6, but need those last two.

    Really like the product. I purchased some dc to dc buck converters so i can charge them on the bike.. makes life a log easier. I've only activated 1 of them so far. I'm installing and activating the rest sometime next week.